We offer two different types of classes for children with special needs so they can gain the many benefits that gymnastics has to offer!  

  • GymAbility (6 years and older)
  • KinderAbility (2-5 years)

GymABILITY (6years+)

 GymAbility is a gymnastics program specifically designed for children with special needs.  This program caters for school aged children from 6 years of age who have been assessed as mild in disability and seeks to provide a quality experience of gymnastics in a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment enabling every participant to reach their potential. 

When children participate in our GymAbility classes, they work in small groups whilst focusing on improving gross motor skills, co-ordination, strength and balance.  The class can be varied to suit the participates skill level and needs.  Parent/caregiver participation is required for this class to ensure that all children gain the most out of every lesson.

GymAbility Class Times:

Saturday 5:45pm - 6:45pm


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KINDER ABILITY (2 - 5years)

A fun filled Kinder Gym program for young children with special needs who may require additional help and attention in a small, safe and nurturing environment.   Classes are run by specially trained gymnastics coaches who encourage and support each child's stage of learning and development.   An adult must accompany their child throughout each class to support their learning and to have fun!  

Kinder Ability Class Times:

Wednesday 11:30am - 12:25pm


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